Pool & Billiard Cue Tip Chalk, Box Chalk Holders, and Pocket Chalkers

Pocket Chalkers

Pocket Chalkers
MSRP: 9.99 - Our Price: $7.95

This Pocket Chalker is a vinyl chalk holder that is a very popular item that slips into your pocket. It is available in a wide range of colors and keeps your chalk always next to you when you need it!

Silver Bullet Pocket Chalker w/ and without Scuffer
MSRP:13.95 - Our Price: $10.75

Keep your chalk close at hand with this attractive, durable vinyl pocket chalker with or without a nickel radius (10.5mm) scuffer shaper and cool silver bullet handle. Available as a single with or without shaper/scuffer in 3 colors: Black, Green and Red.

Dice Pocket Chalker
MSRP:13.95 - Our Price: $11.16

Never be plagued by useless, wet or worn chalk again! Just slide the handle of this pocket chalkier in your pocket to keep your chalk handy. With a pocket chalker, a perfect chalk is always within reach. vailable as a single in 2 colors: Black and Pink.

Euro Pocket Chalker
MSRP:19.99 - Our Price: $16.50

Octogon Chalk Holder for Predator 1080 Chalk

Never be plagued by useless, wet or worn chalk again! Just slide the handle of this pocket chalker in your pocket to keep your chalk handy. With the Octagon Pocket Chalker, a perfect chalk can always be at your reach. This octagonal chalker is specially made to fit Predator 1080 Pure chalk. 

Tip Pik - Shadow Chalker
MSRP:16.95 - Our Price: $14.95

It's a Tip Pik and a Chalker that fits easily in your pockets. The new Tip Pik has the pins recessed, so your pocket lining is not in jeopardy.

Combo 2 in 1 Box Scuffer and Chalker
MSRP:9.99 - Our Price: $7.99

Never be caught without your own chalk or scuffer again with this handy two-in-1 hard rubber chalk box chalker/ nickel radius tip scuffer.  Available as a single in 3 colors: Black, Green and Red.


Silver Cup Billiard Chalk - Box of 12 or 144
Our Price: $4.95

Master Cue Chalk - Box of 12 or 144
Our Price: $4.95

Blue Diamond Chalk - Pair of 2
Our Price: $7.92

Blue Diamond Chalk, created by Longoni, is very popular around the world because of the quality of the product. It stays on the tip for an extended time and plays fantastic. It comes with two pieces and only in Blue.

Balabusha Performance Chalk - 3-Cube Box
Our Price: $8.00

The "NEW" Balabushka Blonde Chalk has arrived and promises to deliver just like the Balabushka Blue.

The new color was designed specifically for ALL lighter color pool table felts and cloths. We tested it against the most commonly used lighter colored chalk (tan) and found the NEW

Balabushka Blonde to be 1 to 3 times lighter on many popular colors such as : Camel. Gold, Taupe, Khaki, Espresso, Mocha, Brown, Olive and Grey. It also blended better than Balabushka Blue on darker colors such as Red, Burgundy and Wine.

In addition, if you test the NEW "Blonde" against any other standard chalk colors, you will discover that it doesn't have to match because cleanliness is colorblind.

Now you can play with chalk that is 5 to 6 times cleaner than other brands on any color felt or cloth with Balabushka Blue or Blonde Performance Chalk. Now the choice is simple.

Predator 1080 Pure Chalk

Predator's new 1080 Pure Chalk combines precision formulation, long lasting application and unique shape for a chalk that has been designed to revolutionize the game. With this chalk, you'll gain the confidence to make shots you've never attempted before. Extreme English? No problem. You'll get lots of spin with the control needed to handle it. 

Box Chalk Holders

Brass or Chrome Chalk Box Holder
MSRP: 5.29 - Our Price: $4.23

Sometimes everyone needs a little shine in their lives. Dress up your game with a simple, durable brass or chrome metal chalk box holder. Perfect for the player on the go or home use. Available as a single in Brass or Chrome.

Retractable Chalk Holder
Our Price: $11.20

This is a pocket-sized, retractable cue chalk holder. It clips onto any belt loop or pocket and extends 30 inches for use. Your chalk is always ready with the this chalk holder! Available as a single in black only.

Magnetic Chalk Box Holder with Belt Clip
MSRP: $11.90 - Our Price: $11.20

This clever leather magnetic chalk holder clips onto your belt or pocket, keeping your chalk handy. Put a cube of chalk in the holder, and it sticks magnetically to the leather clip, where it is ready for use.  Available as a single in black only.

Cue Tip Chalk and Pocket Chalkers



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