Cue Extensions

Universal Cue Extender
Our Price: $49.95

Fits on almost any cue. This extension is adjustable, allowing you to extend your cue by 12.5" to 17.5".

Predator QR2 - Cue Extension

Predator QR Extension-2 pairs with any Predator Cue equipped with the Uni-Loc Weight Cartridge System. Once installed the quick releasing extension adds to the butt length with a single turn of the extension handle. Simply remove your existing rubber bumper, install the Uni- Loc QR Extension bumper. Now available in 3 Inch (2.65 oz), 8 Inch (4 oz) and 12 Inch (4.45 oz)

Cue Extension for Meucci & BMC Cues

Extension includes a threaded Bumper Adapter.
4 Inch (2 oz), 6 Inch (3 oz) , 8 Inch (4 oz) - Painted Matte Black Ash - Rear extension screws into the Meucci weight system under the bumper.
Coarse Thread (5/8 - 11) for all Current Models
Fine thread (5/8 - 18) for Pre-1998 models with adjustable weight system

Cue Reach
Our Price: $16.95

This black extension stick will slip over the top of your cue, slide down, and attach to help you achieve more reach on a long cross-table shot. It is 24 inches.

Balance Rite™ Forward Weighted Cue Extension
Our Price: $31.99

Riley Smart Cue Extender
Our Price: $19.95

9" Extension for Riley Snooker Cues. Fits Models RIL02, RIL03, RIL04, RIL05 and RIL06.

Balance Rite™ Rear Cue Extension
Our Price: $47.99

The Balance™ Cue Extension is the perfect tool for players that need a little extra boost. This expander screws into the base of your cue, bringing even the farthest shot close-in. Tall players get the length they need for a stable, smooth stroke - without having to purchase a bulky extra-long shaft that may not fit in their case. Short players can play with ease regardless of table size - without having to interrupt their game by searching for a bridge. Both players get a solid, great quality extender with the rear-weighted traditional feel they love.

Extension works with Lucasi Custom, Lucasi Hybrid, Players, Players Pure X, Players Flirt, and Dufferin brand pool cues.

Longoni Universal Cue Extension
Our Price: $95

This Longoni Universal Extension is 15.5 Inches long. It compresses safely and comfortably around the butt of your cue. The handle feels like the butt of a pool cue in your hand. It helps you get to those hard to reach shots. Many players believe this is the best cue extender ever made. It can adjust to fit most cues.

McDermott Cue Extension
Our Price: $60.00

Fits onto any McDermott cue that uses the 1/2" weight bolt system.
11" long, 6.25 oz.
Includes: Extension handle, 1.5 oz custom weight bolt (used to attach handle) and Custom bumper.

Cue Extensions



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