Miscellaneous Cue Accessories

Shaft Slicker
Our Price: $3.25

Cue Doctor Dent Buffer
Our Price: $9.90

Willard Tip Shapers
Nickel Radius
Dime Radius

Tiger Glue (ICTG)

Predator Joint Protectors

Delrin Joint Protector Set

EZ Jumper

This convenient portable device fit handily in your pocket or your cue case pocket. The EZ-Jumper also allows you to reach difficult jump shots in the middle of the table and compensates for the shorter player's lack of reach. Included with the EZ-Jumper is a practice jump shot cloth disk to protect the table's surface when practicing. 

Csilk Microtowel

If you like to keep your cue looking cleaned and polished at all times, but don't want to hassle with messy solutions. This towel is thin enough to pack with your cue and carry it everywhere so your prize possession will always look its best.

Simply slide the DigiCue onto the butt end of your cue, push the power button and then play your game of choice. Detects Jab strokes, Steering, Body english, and Standing up during stroke
Aluminium Joint Protector - Uniloc

Aluminium Joint Protector - 5/16x18

McDermott Joint Protector Set

The Q Claw Holder is a great invention that does not need to clamp to a table. It is weighted rubber and you just put it right on top of any table and your cue will rest in the slot safely. It is also very portable and easy to carry. Available in multiple colors!

Leather 2 Cue Holder

Coop's Wood Shaft & Ferrule Cleaner

Coop's Shaft & Ferrule Cleaner is a non bleach-based cleaner that is specially formulated to clean and revitalize your shaft and ferrule, leaving them in like-new condition; just wipe on and off with a paper towel. Unlike bleach-based cleaners, Coop's Shaft Cleaner won't dry out or damage the wood of your cue shaft. 2 oz. bottle enough for 10-20 cleanings. 

Coop's Wood Shaft Acrylic Sealer

Coop's Wood Shaft Acrylic Sealer will help keep your shaft wood sealed from outside moisture and will fill in small pits. It is Acrylic based.
1.6oz bottle.

Cue Cube

A shaping and scuffing tool. On one side you can refine your cue tip to a nickel radius, and on the other side is used to scuff up the cue tip for optimal chalk retention before your shot. This way your tip will hold chalk better allowing for better control in your shot and less miscue potential.

Coop's Burnishing Pad

A shaping and scuffing tool. On one side you can refine your cue tip to a nickel radius, and on the other side is used to scuff up the cue tip for optimal chalk retention before your shot. This way your tip will hold chalk better allowing for better control in your shot and less miscue potential.

Q-Wiz Micro Burnisher

is a double-sided, micro pro disc that is for cue shaft conditioning. Featuring one side for cleaning and one side for polishing, this product quickly and easily smooths and polishes your cue shafts without damaging them or reducing their diameter.

Aramith Billiard Ball Cleaner

Regular use of the offical Aramith Billiard Ball cleaner will keep your Aramith phenolic billiard balls polished and lustrous for years to come. For optimal results use the Aramith Micro-Fiber Cloth.

Aramith Micro-Fiber Cloth

The Aramith Micro-Fiber Cloth is an exclusive product designed for professional billiard ball maintenance to use in combination with the Aramith Ball Cleaner and the Aramith Ball Restorer.

8 Ball Pocket Marker

A must have for league players! These quality pocket markers are made from actual miniature pool balls. They are felt-backed to protect the surface of the table. They are large enough for easy visibilty but will fit neatly in your cue case.

Cue Reach

This black extension stick will slip over the top of your cue, slide down, and attach to help you achieve more reach on a long cross-table shot.

Universal Cue Extender

Fits on almost any cue. This extension is adjustable, allowing you to extend your cue by 12.5" to 17.5".

Longoni Universal Extension

This Longoni Universal Extension is 15.5 Inches long. It compresses safely and comfortably around the butt of your cue. The handle feels like the butt of a pool cue in your hand. It helps you get to those hard to reach shots. Many players believe this is the best cue extender ever made. It can adjust to fit most cues.

Break Down Bridge Stick

Balance Rite™ Forward Weighted Cue Extension

Retractable Bridge Stick

Nick's Edge Micro Grit Film

Q Products

Slyde-Rite Talc Bag

It's George Tip Tool

Silver Cup Cone Chalk

Coop's Shaft Burnishing Wax


This beeswax from Tiger Products is used to fill the seams between pieces of slate on a pool table. It is also used when doing cue maintenance on a lathe to seal the pores of a shaft, to burnish the tip, and to polish the wraps.

Sil Kleen Products

Porper Tip Clamp

Allows for quick and easy pool cue tip replacement. All you have to do is insert the pool cue tip in the clamp and place on the glued ferrule. Simply pull up to hold the tip in place while the glue dries and then push down to remove from the shaft.

Ultimate Chalker

Porper Mushroom Grazer
Out of Stock

Portable Cue Rack

Sure Shot Glove
Left or Right Hand

Predator Pool Glove

Tip Repair Kit

Tweeten Repair Kit

Action Aluminum Tip Clamp

Cue Top Sander Machine

Octogon Chalk Holder for Predator 1080 Chalk

Never be plagued by useless, wet or worn chalk again! Just slide the handle of this pocket chalker in your pocket to keep your chalk handy. With the Octagon Pocket Chalker, a perfect chalk can always be at your reach. This octagonal chalker is specially made to fit Predator 1080 Pure chalk. 

Predator 1080 Pure Chalk

Predator's new 1080 Pure Chalk combines precision formulation, long lasting application and unique shape for a chalk that has been designed to revolutionize the game. With this chalk, you'll gain the confidence to make shots you've never attempted before. Extreme English? No problem. You'll get lots of spin with the control needed to handle it. 

Silver Cup Billiard Chalk - Box of 12

Master Cue Chalk - Box of 12 and 144

Blue Diamond Chalk - Pair of 2

Blue Diamond Chalk, created by Longoni, is very popular around the world because of the quality of the product. It stays on the tip for an extended time and plays fantastic. It comes with two pieces and only in Blue.

Pocket Chalker (Individual)

This Pocket Chalker is a vinyl chalk holder that is a very popular item that slips into your pocket. It is available in a wide range of colors and keeps your chalk always next to you when you need it!

Balabushka Chalk - 3-Cube Box

Balabushka's unique chalk blend is less dry and dusty than standard chalks, allowing it to adhere and embed into leather, phenolic and carbon fiber cue tips better than you've ever experienced before. 

Vinyl Table Covers

Heavy Duty Table Cover

Pool Accessories



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