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Ultra Skin Layered Tips

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  • Over 100,000 Tips Sold the first year
  • 14mm OD and 8mm thick.
  • All Pigskin Leather is inspected to ensure it meets the standards for an UltraSkinLayered Layered Cue Tip, many pieces do not make it and are sold to other industry where the feel of a cue ball does not come into play.
  • Each layer is than shaved into a perfect (or close to perfect) same size.
  • The layers are than soaked in a Preparatory chemical process to inhibit moisture penetration and left out to naturally cure at there own pace. Means other than Mother Nature can change the physical properties
  • Specially Preparatory resins are than applied to ensure a non delaminating bond between layers. A slightly different resin hardness is used for the soft, medium and hard. Though when properly applied to a ferrule your layers will not separate.
  • Soft: This Layered Cue Tip is great for players in games where a tremendous amount of spin is desired.
  • Medium: This Layered Cue Tip is our most popular. Players achieve almost the same spin and feel on the cue ball as the Soft but without it being exaggerated.
  • Hard: This layered Cue Tip is for the player that wants to feel the Cue Ball but prefers 90% of the hit and movement to be achieved through just the natural stroke the player has achieved through years of practice.

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