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Meucci Archive of Collectables
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This page is provided for information purposes only. None of the cues depicted on this page are available for purchase. Shafts are available for discontinued models. Shafts sold on these pages are not covered under our 60 Day Return Policy and are considered a custom order.

Meucci has made thousands of different cue designs during the half century that Bob Meucci has been making pool cues. Below are photos of many Meucci pool cues that were made since 1976. Though we try and provide as complete as possible, photos of the many of the varied series including winter, summer. spring, fall, 233, 333, 84, 95, 97, quantum, tournament, special editions, there are Meucci pool cues never photographed that were made for Larry Hubbart, Earl Strickland, Buddy Hall, Mike Siegel, Jim Rempe, Loree Jon, Louie Roberts, Nick Varner, David Howard, Howard Vickery, Tom Kennedy, Minnesota Fats, and Willie Mosconi.

Most world champions have played with Meucci pool cues at one time or another and many had one of a kind designs. Bob Meucci has built cues for famous movie stars, singers and celebrties; such as, the Prince of Brunei, Micheal Jordan, Julian Lennon, etc.. Even Donald Trump stated one of the top items of his Christmas wish list was The Taj Mahal Pool Cue by Meucci Cues, which sold in excess of $100,000.

Before the advent of the internet, Meucci Original and Meucci pool cues provided the stocking dealer with varied stains, wraps and veneer colors, in an effort to not have the cues look too identical. When looking to replace your old shaft with a new one, please keep in mind that it is only the collar you must compare to match in design. If you do not see the design that matches your pool cue, please send a quick photo and we will match the design as closely as possible. Send the photo to [email protected] and simply put custom as the model number.

Meucci ST Series
ST Series.jpg (95575 bytes)
Meucci SJ Series
SJ Series.jpg (120528 bytes)
Meucci MS Series
Meucci MS Series.jpg (130450 bytes)

David Howard Series
David Howard Series.jpg (91815 bytes)

Meucci 1998
Summer Series
Meucci 1998 Summer Series.jpg (127927 bytes)
Meucci 84 Series
1st Photo
Meucci_84_Series.jpg (119397 bytes)
Meucci 84 Series
2nd Photo
Meucci_84_Series-2.jpg (126027 bytes)
Loree Jon Series
Meucci_Loree_Jon_Series.jpg (95137 bytes)
Meucci 97 Series 1st Brochure Page-1
Meucci_97_Series_1st_Edition-1.jpg (140923 bytes)
Meucci 97 Series 1st Brochure Page-2
Meucci_97_Series_1st_Edition_Page-2.jpg (136338 bytes)
Meucci 97 Series 1st Brochure Page-3
Meucci_97_Series_1st_Edition_Page-3.jpg (135389 bytes)
Meucci 1994
Summer Series
Meucci_1994_Summer_Series.jpg (140944 bytes)
Meucci JR Series-1
Meucci_Jim_Rempe_Series.jpg (126228 bytes)
Meucci JR Series-2
Meucci Jim Rempe Series-2.jpg (121032 bytes)
Meucci Larry Hubbart Series-1
Meucci_Larry_Hubbart_Series-1.jpg (133898 bytes)
Meucci Larry Hubbart Series-2
Meucci_Larry_Hubbart_Series.jpg (116351 bytes)
Meucci BH Series
Meucci_BH_Series.jpg (122999 bytes)
Meucci MO Series
Meucci_MO_Series.jpg (154459 bytes)
Meucci Maximum (1-4)
Meucci Maximum Series.jpg (73037 bytes)
Meucci 80 Series
Meucci_80_Series.jpg (151025 bytes)
Meucci 1998
Winter Series
Meucci_1998_Winter_Series.jpg (85725 bytes)
Meucci 88 Series
Meucci_88_Series.jpg (144029 bytes)
Meucci Oldie Series
Meucci_Oldie_Series.jpg (115422 bytes)
Meucci World Team Billiards Series
Meucci WTB Series.jpg (84655 bytes)
Meucci Special Edition-11 
Meucci_Special_Edition-11.jpg (95182 bytes)
Meucci European Series
Meucci_European_Series.jpg (102814 bytes)
Meucci M Series (1-8)
Meucci_M_Series-1.jpg (117825 bytes)
Meucci M Series (9-17)
Meucci_M_Series-2.jpg (141371 bytes)
Meucci 233 Series
Meucci_233_Series.jpg (97829 bytes)
Meucci 333 Series
Meucci_333_Series.jpg (106430 bytes)
Meucci Starter Collection
Meucci_Starter_Collection.jpg (89777 bytes)
Meucci 1st Brochure
Meucci 1st Brochure Front.jpg (41447 bytes)
Meucci 95 Series (1-16)
Meucci_233_Series.jpg (97829 bytes)
Meucci 95 Series (17-32)
Meucci_333_Series.jpg (106430 bytes)
Meucci APA Series
Meucci_Starter_Collection.jpg (89777 bytes)
Meucci Autumn Fall Series
Meucci 1st Brochure Front.jpg (41447 bytes)
Meucci Hi Pro Series
Meucci_233_Series.jpg (97829 bytes)
SE-1 - SE-2 - SE-3
Meucci_Starter_Collection.jpg (89777 bytes)
Meucci SE-6
Meucci_Starter_Collection.jpg (89777 bytes)
Meucci SE-8 - SE-9
Meucci 1st Brochure Front.jpg (41447 bytes)
Meucci Winter Season - 1996
Meucci_233_Series.jpg (97829 bytes)
Quantum Series    

The Meucci SE-14

The Meucci 97-11

The Meucci MEEX01

The Meucci MEEX02

The Meucci MEEX03

The Meucci MTC-3

The Meucci MTC-4

The Meucci MTC-5


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