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Bob Meucci Custom

Diamond Cue

Limited Edition - Only 100 will ever be sold
Bob Meucci will sign every cue

Not a stock item. Not returnable except for unambiguous defect.
This model takes approx 6 weeks for delivery.

Cue Comes with Two "THE PRO" Shafts

List Price : $2,515.00

Our Price : $2,137.75

Savings : $377.25

Free Hardcase 1B/1S
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Customize Your Cue:

Uncoated linen wraps take 1-2 days to change from stocked color. Lacquer coated linen and leather wrap changes take 1 - 2 weeks to ship.


* Note: Customizing the cue's wrap is a change that voids the 60 day return policy, except in cases of unambiguous manufacturing defect.

Cues are stocked with 12.75mm Black Dot Shafts. Black dot cut downs take 1 - 2 days to ship. All other shafts must be made to match and will take approximately 2 weeks to ship out.

Substitute Shaft For
Change Shaft Length
Change Shaft Millimeter
Change Your Tip

* Note: Shaft alterations are a customization that voids the 60 day return policy of the shaft, except in cases of unambiguous manufacturing defect or when no customization for fit, design, tip or tip diameter has occurred.

Extra shafts take approximately 2 weeks to match design and size. Carbon Fiber shafts take approximately 3 - 4 weeks to ship.

Add an Extra Shaft

* Note: Extra shafts are not covered under the 60 day return policy of the shaft, except in cases of unambiguous manufacturing defect or when no customization for fit, design, tip or tip diameter has occurred.

Please allow approximately 3 weeks for fulfillment on cues that have had their joint pin customized.


Please allow up 1 week for shipment. Actual location of engraving in buttsleeve varies by design.

Add Engraving to Cue Buttsleeve
  • BMC Diamond Cue, 100 units to be built

    This first BMC Custom cue of 2010, if it were made by one of the custom cue makers that build 1-2 cues per week, would be priced at $10,000+. But because Bob Meucci has 47 years of cue making and engineering experience, he brings this magnificent cue to you, the collector, for only $2,495 MSRP.

    The cue consists of highly figured Birdseye Maple, inlaid with 60 diamonds of various high-quality materials beginning with authentic African Ebony on the exterior of all diamonds and cocobolo centers with authentic Abalone shell ovals. In the case of the 6 trim diamonds, the Abalone is "Heart of Abalone" which is very rare.

    The new Diamond Cue has 8 sets of black fiber trim rings that are each inlaid with 12 white squares. That is a total of 96 inlaid squares. Take note of the amazing over and under design apparent on the top and bottom halves of the butt.

    This cue comes with two "The Pro" shafts, engraved numbers, and is signed and dated by Bob Meucci's hand.

  • The new BMC Diamond cue is one of the most beautiful designs ever created by Bob Meucci. It has lots of bling which suggests the inside of a modern diamond.

  • Tip: 12.75mm Medium-hard Lepro tip.
  • Ferrule: Polycarbonate ferrule for a soft hit-now made more durable than original.
  • Shaft: Special built THE PRO extreme low deflection shaft. This shaft plays perfectly in all positions.
  • Joint: Flat faced wood-to-wood.
  • Pin: 5/16x18
  • Standard finish: Five-proof urethane coating - Including the wrap.
  • Bumper: basic push in rubber bumper.
  • Weights: Everlock adjustable system 18-21oz.



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