Cuetec Pool Cue


Cue Comes with a AVID Surge Low-Deflection Glass Fiber Bonded JUMP Shaft

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Cuetec Pool Cue:  Specifications
  • Shaft: AVID Surge Low-Deflection Glass Fiber Bonded Jump Shaft
  • Standard Shaft Length: 29” Standard
  • Tip: Power+ Phenolic with Glass Pad (Extra Hard)
  • Joint: 3/8x14 Cuetec Joint (21.30mm)
  • Shaft Collar: 1.5mm Black Phenolic
  • Standard Weight: 9.50 oz

Additional Features:

  • Surge Power Lift Taper
  • 15" Surge Jump Handle
  • Silver and Gold Power Twist Rings
  • Black Collar and Butt Cap
  • Silver Cuetec and AVID butt cap logos
  • CT logo joint protectors

Just as their name implies, AVID Surge Series jump cues efficiently deliver an effortless rush of energy. Constructed utilizing multiple-layers of specifically oriented glass fibers bonded to a kiln-dried, A+ grade maple core for unrivaled lift, each AVID Surge JMP cue features a low-deflection Power+ front-end and weighs a svelte 9.50 ounces – allowing the shaft to more easily get out of its own way, especially with highly-elevated jump shots. With so much advanced technology inside, your opponents won’t be in a rush to play you safe

• Advanced glass bonded construction.
• Patent-pending Air Light low-deflection front-end.
• Kiln-dried, vacuum-sealed hard maple.
• Ultra-smooth, low friction ding-resistant surface finish.
• Power+ Phenolic Tip and Glass Tip Pad.

“From the moment I received prototypes for testing, I knew that the engineers wouldn’t be getting these cues back! I’m sure you could spend more, but I can’t see why anyone would.”  – Skyler Woodward, Cuetec Brand Ambassador