Cynergy Propel Red Jump Cue 95-140R

Cuetec Jump Cue


Cue Comes with Carbon Jump Shaft

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Cuetec Propel Jump Cue features carbon composite technology for both the shaft and main jump handle that allows the Propel to transfer more energy to the cue ball and the weighted extension makes accurate jumps effortless. Its accuracy comes from its 13.9mm diameter and Taom tip that eliminates unintended spin and miscues!
Cuetec Jump Cue : Cynergy Propel Red Jump Cue 95-140R - Specifications
  • Tip: 13.9mm Taom 2.0 Break/Jump
  • Ferrule: 3.5mm Brown Phenolic
  • Shaft: 29" Cynergy Carbon Fiber Propel Jump Shaft
  • Pin: 3/8x14
  • Collar: Black
  • Forearm: Carbon Fiber Composite Main Handle, Matching Weighted Extension
  • Wrap: none
  • Butt Sleeve: none
  • Butt Plate: none
  • Bumper: none
  • Warranty: Limited Manufacturer
  • This cue does come with joint protectors.