Eight Ball Mafia

Action Cue Case

3 Butts/5 Shafts

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This Eight Ball Mafia 3x5 Skull spring loaded cue case holds 3 butts in the front and 5 shafts in the back with Tribal 3D designs and a Chromed Skull ornament.
Action Cue Case : Eight Ball Mafia - Specifications
  • 3 Butt and 5 Shaft Spring Loaded Tube Style Case.
  • Spacious pockets, carrying handles, and shoulder strap.
  • Protect your cue for less.

  • Designs: Nexus Skull 3x5.
  • Shape: Oval butts in front and shafts behind.
  • Material: Vinyl.
  • Pockets: 2, the longer pocket is 16.5 inches in length with a Jumper butt side pocket.
  • Base: Black plastic feet.
  • Length: 36"

  • Structure: Poured rubber mold casing.
  • Lining: Felt/soft cloth.
  • Direction: Shaft loads in either direction.
  • Butt: Butt loads in either direction.
  • Length: Fits up to 31" shaft.