Pogo Jump - Black

Meucci Pool Cue

Cue Comes with a Jump Shaft

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Meucci Pogo jump pool stick black maximizes jump performance in 4 ways. Comes standard with solid 13mm maple shaft, black Phenolic ferrule, and G10 tip.
Meucci Pool Cue : Pogo Jump - Black - Specifications
  • One: The shorter combination of the shaft and the first section of the butt is for jumping as close as one ball distance between the cue ball and the object ball to be jumped. 
  • Two: The second way is when using the total length of all sections, long jumps are easily performed while even drawing the cue ball after the jump is completed. Chris Lawson, who is in my opinion one of the premier jumpers in the business, says this is the best jump cue he's ever used.
  • Three: New & Improved with 3/8 x10 pins. Old version had 18 threads and is heavier.
  • Four: Lighter is better. The Long Jump 53" (both butt sections) weigh only 11.5 oz. The Short Jump (1 butt section) changes length to 41" and weight is only 6.5 oz.