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95 Series (1-16)

Meucci Black Dot Bullseye Video Clips

Title Length  
Black Dot Introduction 8 Minute(s) 5 Second(s) View First!
Falcon with 314 vs Black Dot 3 Minute(s) 16 Second(s) View First!
Predator II 2 Minute(s) 10 Second(s) View First!
Broomstick vs Predator II 2 Minute(s) 22 Second(s) View First!
Meucci Power Piston 1 Minute(s) 53 Second(s) View First!
Lucasi 1 Minute(s) 39 Second(s)
McDermott 1 Minute(s) 40 Second(s)
Players 1 Minute(s) 34 Second(s)
Schon 2 Minute(s) 12 Second(s)
Helmstetter 2 Minute(s) 7 Second(s)
Cuetec Thunderbolt 1 Minute(s) 37 Second(s)
Cuetec SST 1 Minute(s) 45 Second(s)
J. Pechauer 1 Minute(s) 45 Second(s)  
Balabushka 1 Minute(s) 24 Second(s)  
Fury 1 Minute(s) 50 Second(s)  
Scorpion 1 Minute(s) 41 Second(s)  
Viking 1 Minute(s) 29 Second(s)  
Joss 1 Minute(s) 45 Second(s)  
Black Dot Entire Video 37 Minute(s) 20 Second(s)  

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Black Dot Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many laminations does the Black Dot Bullseye have?

A: The New Meucci Black Dot Bullseye Flat-Laminated shaft is 12 separate pieces, but -- 35 flat Northern Hard Rock Maple laminations, the same as a tree normally grows.

Q: How radially consistent is this shaft?
A: Radial Consistency of this shaft is equal to Natural Hard Maple or any of the pie-laminated shafts presently on the market

Q: What's the purpose of the Black Dot Bullseye inlay?
A: The less than 2% spine differential of this shaft is marked with the Black Dot Bullseye inlay for those of you who can detect slight nuances and play to this extremely high level.

Q: What does Meucci boast to deliver with this shaft?
A: That it will be the most consistent, high-tech, greatest performing shaft in the world today, and is unequalled by all other products on the market  

Q: How does Meucci backup its claims?
A: This fact is being proven at every amateur event and trade show across the United States. These new shafts out perform all other competitors' shafts by a minimum margin of 50% less deflection, with increased power as a bonus.

For the first time in history, you can now have a matched set of shafts that play exactly the same.

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