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Meucci Gem Cue

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Meucci Gem Cue

Cue Comes with Two Black Dot Bullseye Shafts

Sold Out

List Price: $1,200.00

The Meucci Gem Cue is elegant, World-Class, a collectors dream, and is extraordinary.

The new Meucci Gem Cue makes use of the Power Piston's super-low deflection technology and is what allows it to have astounding power and accuracy.

The Meucci Gem Cue is made with 24 real turquoise chip inlays; not cheap imitation sheets like other brands. Each cue gets two new 35-layer Flat-laminated Black Dot Bullseye shafts.

This cue is a Budget Cues exclusive and only 250 will ever be sold. And for the first time ever this cue will come with Bob Meucci's true signature engraved at the bottom of the cue!

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 We have had these built special for our valued customers!
Bob Meucci's True Signature Engraved  (First Time Ever)

24 Turquoise Inlays!

Each cue gets 2 Flat-Laminated
Black Dot Bullseye Shafts
(New Version 35-Layer)

Real Turquoise Chip Inlay; Not Imitation Sheets Like Other Brands!

What have people said about the Gem Cue?
"It seems I have rediscovered billiards playing with it !! even if I used to play with Meucci red dot shaft before it, the black dot shaft and the general look of the cue (inlays) make it very personal. I am sure I well invested buying this Meucci cue !! No regrets !!
Perhaps it is psychological but my results in the French championship have never been that much good for years." -- FRENCH WOMAN PLAYER @ The Billiard Resource


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