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Ultimate Weapon Pro

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Ultimate Weapon PRO

11.65mm - Conical Taper

Made 100% in the USA at
the Meucci Factory
In Mississippi!

Our Price: $246.50

Buy Your Ultimate Weapon PRO Shaft Now for any Brand Cue!

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Please allow approx 2 weeks for shipment.

*Customization of Collar design, length change, tip change or millimeter are not returnable, unless for unambiguous manufacturing defect.

Please Note: Though plastic wood to wood joints have a better balance and more action, only cues with stainless steel joints have interchangeable shafts without a lip. Plastic and Wood joint sizes vary (Viking, McDermott, Meucci and Pechauer, etc), due to the sanding and finishing process.

Most customers are happy with the standard joint size, but if you have a digital caliper you can provide exact specifications of joint size.

Meucci Ultimate Weapon Pro - Specifications
  • Meucci was the first cue where deflection was considered and written about as far back as 1976 in their "Join the Revolution" brochure.

  • The new Ultimate Weapon Pro comes with a consistent Conical Taper that feels like a "Pro Taper" through your bridge hand. It comes standard with an Ultra Skin Medium Tip considered by most pros to be the best tip on the market.

  • This new shaft is one solid piece of wood with no hole in the middle of the shaft. The tip sits directly on the wood of the shaft with a 1/2 inch hydraulic through-ferrule.

  • Bob did studies 39 years ago with a Millikan High Speed Camera at 1,000 frames per second (42 times slower than normal speed). Recently, after testing all alleged low-deflection shafts from other manufacturers, using the Meucci Myth Destroyer Robot, the Ultimate Weapon Pro was found to be 40% lower in cue ball deflection than all other brands.

  • This 11.65mm shaft will be available for all other brands as well as, of course, all Meucci styles ever made with the correct matching joint collar.

    These shafts are made in the USA, not in China.




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Meucci - Ultimate Weapon Pro Cue Shaft

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