Aramith Arcos II Reserve Billiard Ball Set Pool Balls

Arcos II Reserve Billiard Ball Set

Aramith Pool Balls

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The Arcos II delivers devastating performance with knockout good looks, including a high shine, contemporary finish, exclusive, modern colors andour custom triangle inlays that aid in targeting. They’re not just pretty features, they’re functional advantages that enhance visibility on the table and on camera – so you can shoot straight and look great doing it.

• More Accurate
• More Durable• More Consistent
• Higher percentage of phenolic resin
• Unique cue ball with distinctive targeting triangles
• Vibrant colors optimized for video

The Arcos II’s 8-point Performance Pillars are key to creating tighter racks that deliver optimal breaks and more run-outs. Just like Predator Cues, their balls use state-of-the-art technology to eliminate the rogue variables that could be the difference between victory and defeat.

1. Tight Weight Tolerances 
2. Dimension 
3. Perfect Balance 
4. Roundness
5. Hardness 
6. Physical Appearance 
7. Surface Finish 
8. Crisp Color

The homogenous density dispersion and true center of gravity in every Arcos II helps deliver a killer combination of durability, roundness and balance that maintains consistency over time. That means, straighter hits, no wobbling, anti-skid technology and true roll 

The consistency and higher phenolic composition of the Arcos II’s delivers a more efficient energy transfer between the cue and the balls, and reduces the static electricity between balland table. That means more control, less out-of control kicks and smoother, anti-skid play. 

Phenolic resin balls last 5x longer than balls made of other polymers. So, with a vision backed by science, we created the Arcos II with Aramith’s highly guarded secret formula containing 99% high-quality phenolic resin, and cured them multiple times. This longer curing process combined with almost pure phenolic resin means harder, more durable balls that are burn spot resistant. Even our cue ball has the same high phenolic resin composition, which produces a distinct, crisp and vibrant pop on impact.
Aramith Pool Balls Arcos II Reserve Billiard Ball Set - Specifications
  • Material : Phenolic Resin
  • Commercial Use : Yes
  • Size : 2.25"
  • Includes: 1 Cue Ball featuring 6 black triangles and 15 Object Balls with the number on one side and Predator Cat head on the other