Cuetec Avid Proof Brown LTC (11.75, 12.25, or 12.75mm)

Cuetec Pool Cue


Cue Comes with a air light front-end AVID shaft

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Cuetec Pool Cue: Cuetec Avid Proof - Specifications

Standard Butt Length 29"
Standard Shaft Length: 29”
Standard Tip: Tiger® Everest Laminated (medium)
Joint: 3/8×14 Cuetec Joint (21.30mm)
Shaft Collar: 1.5mm Black
Standard Cue & Shaft Weight: 19oz (Acueweight adjustable in 0.25 oz. increments)
Standard Shaft Weight: 3.8oz
Wrap: Lizard skin patterned Leather-Tec

• Player’s Choice of 11.75mm12.25mm, or 12.75mm AVID LD Shaft
• AVID Super Straight Taper
• Whiskey stained maple with black and creme accents
• Five point forearm and five window butt sleeve
• Black lizard skin patterned Leather-Tec Wrap
• Gloss black butt cap and joint collar
• Duo Smart Extension Ready Bumper
• Acueweight generation II adjustment system
• CT logo joint protectors

Greatness From Humble Beginnings.

Skyler Woodward's AVID Proof series cues deliver on their promise – proof that competitive players can reach the game's highest levels , without burning a hole in your wallet.

Designed with Cuetec's innovative AVID technology, Proof cues offer reliability, strength, and precision. With AVID's advanced glass-bonded tech, the second generation Acueweight adjustment system, and compatible with Duo ultra-light extensions and Cynergy composite shafts, Proof cues are ready for any game.

Skyler Woodward, the Blue-Grass Badass, beamed: “‘I chose to play with AVID, and you can see how my game has improved in less than a year, but what I really love is taking down an opponent that’s using equipment that costs as much as a small car or a kid’s tuition – that always gives me a big smile.”