Scorpion GRP06 Pool Cue

Scorpion Pool Cue

Cue Comes with a Shaft

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Scorpion Pool Cue : Scorpion GRP06 Pool Cue - Specifications
  • Tip: 13mm, Hard Water Buffalo
  • Ferrule: Capped and threaded fiber ferrule.
  • Shaft: Hard rock maple with fiberglass power bonded to it. 13-14" pro taper. The base has black and thin silver trim rings. The plastic insert in the shaft protects from outside conditions.
  • Joint: Steel collar with black and thin silver rings. The joint also has a plastic insert to protect it from outside conditions.
  • Pin: 3/8x14
  • Butt Construction:
    - Wood core
    - Fiberglass shield
    - Transfer design
    - Clear coating 
  • Forearm: Pink Transfer Design 
  • Wrap: Pink with black and white Scorpion grip. It features a large black Scorpion logo all on a sporty textured rubber-like material
  • Butt Sleeve: Pink transfer design
  • Butt Cap: Stainless steel sealed to protect from outside conditions with bumper screwed in.
  • Bumper: Black Rubber
  • Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer
This Scorpion GRP06 Pool Cue has extended a bow to the ladies with its new pink and white design. Femininity equals power with the black and pink, golf-style, sport grip, fiberglass bonded hard rock maple shaft and 13mm water buffalo tip.
Scorpion Pool Cue : Scorpion GRP06 Pool Cue - Specifications