Balabushka GB-BS - Burton Spain Pool Cue

Balabushka Pool Cue

Cue Comes with a Shaft

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Balabushka Pool Cue : GB-BS - Burton Spain - Specifications
  • Tip: 13mm Le Pro Tip
  • Ferrule: XRC Ferrule
  • Shaft: 29” Canadian Maple
  • Joint: 5/16x14 stainless steel joint
  • Forearm: Each of the rosewood points feature four veneer colors; ebony, orange, green and maple. Two Mother-Of-Pearl dots above a traditional Balabushka notched diamond.
  • Also has George Balabuska’s signature
  • Rings: None
  • Handle / Sleeve: ebony wood with straight-grain maple windows separated by maple half-circles and Mother-Of-Pearl dots.
  • Wrap: Irish Linen, Natural with Green Speck.
  • Butt Plate: White
  • Bumper: Screw-in rubber bumper



"Balabushka cues represent a unique joint effort between the family of late BCA Hall of Famer and legendary cue master George Balabushka, and the manufacturing expertise of internationally renowned cue producer and designer Richard Helmstetter. These cues continue to carry the high quality standards used to produce original Balabushka cues while keeping as close as possible to George's ideas on cue design, structure, materials and philosophy. 

In the spirit of George Balabushka, the Balabushka Cue Company keeps his level of excellence alive in a new era of pool cue production."