Meucci Pool Cues

Meucci Pool Cues

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Meucci is probably the best known, legendary pool cue brand available today. Why? Because Bob Meucci has been building the most aesthetically pleasing and technologically advanced pool cues since the mid 60's. more ...

Bob even provided pool cue fronts (blanks) to the famed Gus Szamboti and George Balabushka and he perfected the seamless plastic veneer points. As the first famed innovator, Bob Meucci is credited for setting the standard in manufacturing of pool cues with the more precise metal lathes, rather than the wood lathes. Also, Meucci was the first to popularize the longer pro taper on cue shafts.

Meucci pool cues had more professional and semi-pro players than any other manufacturer in the late 70's and 80's. With their popularity at an all time high, 70 percent of all professional money won in tournaments was won with a Meucci pool cue.

In the late 90's Bob Meucci developed the testing robot, "The Myth Destroyer" to test cue ball speed and deflection. Even today, Meucci pool cues continue upgrading and testing their cue shafts and this is why they are the leading choice of many players.

Located in Byhalia Mississippi, if visiting the Meucci Factory today, you will find th at the old world craftsmanship is still alive and well in the United States. For half a century, Meucci has been celebrated for building the most beautiful pool cues on the market and making their works of art perform with more power with less effort. ... less

Meucci Break Cues

Meucci Pogo Jump Cues & Extensions

  • Pogo Jump - Antique
  • Pogo Jump - Black
  • Pogo Jump - Purple

Sneaky Petes

Budget Billiard Exclusive Models

  • Meucci BE-1 Pool Cue
  • Meucci BE-9 Pool Cue
  • Meucci BE-12 Pool Cue
  • Meucci Gem-2 Pool Cue

All Natural Series

  • Meucci ANW-1 Pool Cue
  • Meucci ANW-2 Pool Cue
  • Meucci ANW-3 Pool Cue

21st Century Series

  • Meucci 21-1 Pool cue
  • Meucci 21-2 Pool Cue
  • Meucci 21-3 Pool Cue
  • Meucci 21-6 Pool Cue

Brick and Mortar Series

Meucci SWBB Series

Meucci Jayson Shaw Series

  • Meucci JS-1 Pool Cue
  • Meucci JS-2 Pool Cue
  • Meucci JS-3 Pool Cue
  • Meucci JS-S Pool Cue

Meucci Line - Meucci Special Editions

  • Meucci FR-1 Pool Cue
  • Meucci FR-3 Pool Cue
  • Meucci HP-1 Pool Cue
  • Meucci HP-3 Pool Cue
  • Meucci 97-10 Pool Cue
  • Meucci 97-12 Pool Cue
  • Meucci 97-15 Pool Cue
  • PP-2 / Power Piston-2

Meucci Hall-of-Fame

  • Meucci HOF-1 Pool Cue
  • Meucci HOF-2 Pool Cue

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