Cuetec Avid Glass Composite Cue Shaft


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Introducing the Cuetec Avid Glass Composite Shaft: powerful, accurate, and durable. Featuring patented front-end construction and an ultra-thin layer of glass fiber bonded to a vacuum-sealed maple, this shaft offers ultimate low-deflection performance and increased power accuracy over traditional and spliced maple low-deflection shafts. Improve your game today with Cuetec Avid Glass Composite Shaft.

CUETEC : Cuetec Avid Glass Composite Cue Shaft - Specifications
  • Standard Shaft Length: 29”
  • Standard Tip: Tiger® Everest Laminated (medium)
  • Joint: 3/8 X 14 
  • Shaft Collar: Black 1.5mm
  • Standard Weight: 3.8oz