Pechauer Ebony Naked Break with Rogue Carbon Shaft

Pechauer Break Cue

Cue Comes with a Pechauer Shaft

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You cannot jump with a break cue. You cannot break with a jump cue. The best break cue requires forward right balance, while a jump cue must have as little weight as possible. Thus making break/jump cues obsolete. Therefore, we are pleased to introduce a break cue actually made for breaking. Unlock your full potential with the Ebony Break Cue. Designed specifically for breaking, this cue offers precise forward right balance to maximize your break shot. Say goodbye to using a jump cue or compromising your break with a regular cue. Take your game to the next level with the ultimate break cue.
Pechauer Break Cue : Pechauer Ebony Naked Break with Rogue Carbon Shaft - Specifications

Revamp your break shots with this bare bones Naked Break cue with an ebony stain maple, featuring a sturdy 13.25 mm Rogue Carbon break shaft. This cue employs a C4+ Break Tip (random colors), a piloted joint, sleek black Juma collar, and a .850 joint size for unparalleled durability during intense breaks. Its upgraded straight taper and Pechauer Speed JT pin deliver unmatched speed and force for the game's most crucial shot. Lifetime Warranty