Stealth STHBK03 Break Pool Cue

Stealth Break Cue

Cue Comes with a Shaft

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Stealth Pool Cue : STHBK03 - Specifications
  • Tip : 13mm Le Pro
  • Ferrule : 1" Fiber linen ferrule
  • Shaft : 29" Hardrock Maple 10"-12" Pro Taper
  • Pin : 5/16x18
  • Collar : Hot pink
  • Forearm : Hot pink stain with clear polyurethane finish
  • Wrap : Pink ergonomic Dooley handle
  • Butt Sleeve : Pink polyurethane
  • Butt Plate : Pink polyurethane
  • Bumper : Black rubber

    Additional Information
  • This cue is weight changeable
  • This cue does not include joint protectors
  • Warranty : 1 Year Manufactures


"The Dooley Handle, combines a new look with improved function. This riveted new handle is like a steering wheel around a stick. Many players tend to squeeze cue handles too tightly, locking their arms and shoulders and throwing the cue out of alignment. The Dooley Handle prevents this over-squeezing, helping to keep your shot on target.

This innovative design rolls and looks like a regular cue. The cue reduces the likelihood of sweaty palms from gripping the cue too tightly, and eliminates the slip stroke. Dooley cues are forward balanced and come standard with 13 mm. shafts and adjustable weight bolts." -Stealth Cues

Stealth Break Cue : Stealth STHBK03 Break Pool Cue - Specifications